Mistakes Men Make With Women

#1: Being too nice…

The old saying rings true: Nice guys finish last.

You’ve probably heard it a million times… But it’s true.

We’ve been taught by society to be nice. Religion, your parents, teachers, blah blah blah. Women prefer edgy to nice. Especially hot women. Edgy is attractive. It’s sexy…

Hot women get hit on. A lot. Guys are always being nice to them. Why? Coz they think it’ll get ‘em laid.

But women know the truth. The men who stand out aren’t nice. Men who stand out are a challenge.

Sexy, funny, teasing, powerful.

You can be all those things. Just don’t do whatever she wants… What she says she wants isn’t what she really wants.

#2: Trying to show her you’re worth it…

Ever had a salesman trying to prove to you that a product is good? But you know the product is shit… How does it feel when they’re selling it to you?

It feels desperate, right?!

Men try to sell themselves to women all the time. And women feel it. She wants a man she feels she can’t have, not a man who’s clearly trying to impress her.

e.g. If you get her sweet little presents she mentioned 6 months earlier, that may work. But it could seem weird.

Relax when you’re with her. There are plenty of beautiful women in the world. She isn’t the only one.

NOTE: When I’m with women I get them to show me that they’re worth it…

#3: Being needy.

Men should be strong. Powerful. Able to deal with their own shit. There is nothing more wimpy than neediness. Neediness is very UNsexy.

Women are sometimes really good friends with men who are needy. But that’s all they’ll ever be. Friends.

Women want a man who is independent. Who has his shit together. Who isn’t held back by baggage or issues.

If you are held back or needy; DEAL WITH IT* (on your own). If you treat a woman like your therapist (or she treats you the same) you won’t get together.

Say any of these to a woman and you’re needy:

‘But I haven’t seen you in ages…’
‘But I need to see you…’
‘But there’s something that’s happened. Only you understand me. Please can we go for coffee?’

Cut it out. Man up. Deal with your own shit.

*I will show you a technique that works incredibly well to deal with your issues. You do it alone and it’s VERY effective!

#4: Seeking her approval…

Guys are often keen to learn that they’re ‘better’  than other men.

i.e. if you’re into a woman and she has another man who’s into her, you may ask questions. ‘Is he funnier than me?’ … ‘Would you say you prefer him?’ … ‘Are you into him?’

This is needy. You’re seeking reassurance. That’s what little boys do with their Mommies. Not MEN with girls they want to sleep with!

Men know their own power. Their own attractiveness…

#5: Not being honest…

Men hide behind these facades of being nice. Doing what she wants. Trying to make her see that you’re a great guy.

But in reality, often, you want to tear her clothes off and fuck her.

But she may have no idea. There is a disconnect between your actions and your desires. Your actions say, ‘Look at me. I’m really nice. I only want what’s best for you. I’m better than these other guys. I wanna talk about your feelings. Those guys you’re attracted to are dicks. Anyone can see that. Blah blah blah.’

Your desires say, ‘I want to tear your clothes of and get down with you…’

But the first and the second are very different. It’s like you’re living a lie.

Do you act like that with a girl? Needy and dishonest? If so, I have a question. How many times have you said, ‘I find you very sexy’?

Probl’y never, right? You don’t want to scare her away.

But… A sexy man is comfortable with telling a woman she’s sexy.

A woman who’s discussing how your dog dying when you were 10 has affected your ability to open up to people isn’t going to be turned on.

But a woman who expresses her real self and who’s told that she’s sexy because of who she is will be turned on.

#6: Being too into her…

Imagine a different life. You go on about 3 dates a week with cute girls. You have choice. Lots of choice. You can pick one of the girls whenever you like. They’re all really into you…

You’re on a 1st date with a girl who’s kinda cute. You thought you’d give her a chance. It may be fun. Then she says, ‘I really, really like you. I really wanna date you more. Can we, please? Please? I’ll make it fun. I promise. What do you say? You won’t regret it. I’m better than those other girls.’

As a man with choice of beautiful women – who gave this girl a chance to impress you – does what she just said make you want to see her again? Or is it weird?!

It’s kinda weird.

Beautiful women get this all the time. Are you surprised they say no to you? You shouldn’t be. It’s weird…

MAJOR MISTAKE #1: Being Insecure.

All of the above fall under insecurity. That’s it.

A man who is confident, a little cocky, secure, who has his shit together, who knows he’s sexy and attractive to women, who has choice and who knows there are plenty of women out there is not going to make any of those mistakes. Why would he?

You have a chance here to become that guy. I’ll guide you every step of the way…

There are two things that’ll transform your insecurities. Smash ‘em down and drive them away. Forever…

The first you’ll get very soon.

The second is too powerful. You’re not ready yet. Only some of you will get access… And then you’ll see it. Sorry for being vague, but only a few of you will qualify.

MAJOR MISTAKE #2: Not getting help.

Getting help is important. I’ve just talked about getting your shit together. This is your chance. Stick with me and you’ll get your shit together. I have so much to share… If you’re not already a member, sign up to my email masterclass right now by following that link. It’ll transform your life.

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