Create Powerful Attraction – The Lorna Story

Lorna was pretty. Smart. Fun.

It only took me two minutes to attract her. Two minutes and I knew she’d be mine…

I knew men would fall for her. It was all in the eyes. Big, beautiful eyes. Eyes that said, ‘I know you want me…

For most men that’s intimidating. I saw something different. To me, her eyes said, ‘Come get me.’

I met Lorna on a beach in Thailand. The full moon party was in swing. Perfect place to meet beautiful women. But women there get hit on a lot!

I had to create attraction. And fast.

Men flock around beautiful women in bikinis like flies swarm around shit. These guys were drunk with confidence. And confident through drink.

The key to creating attraction – don’t go into the ‘Friendzone’.

(Most guys think the opposite. Talk to her enough, she’ll like you. But ‘nice’ guys aren’t attractive guys. They’re just nice. I had to use ‘attraction crack’…)

Her friends were busy talking to other guys. Perfect.

Hey, I wanted to talk to you. You look like you could be trouble.

She rolled her eyes with a smirk. My confidence was strong. Unbreakable.

Oh yeah, what makes you think that?’

As soon as a woman accepts you, build attraction. Attraction is built through putting her on edge. Showing her you’re not a wussy. It’s better name: ‘breaking rapport.’

I don’t know actually. My intuition feels wrong on this one.

Why?’ She looked surprised. I built anticipation.

You’ll get mad if I tell you.’

I won’t.’

Promise me you won’t get mad and I’ll tell you…’

But I don’t know what you’re going to say!’

Then I can’t tell you. My lips are sealed… Unless you promise.’

She looked me dead in the eye. I held her gaze.

Ok. I promise.’

I thought you looked like trouble. But now I see your friends are far more interested in talking to other people. You look ever so lonely. Like you’re better suited to being in bed.’

Huh? They’re getting hit on.’

You must’ve been hit on. So I’m thinking either you don’t like the guys…’ I paused here for effect.

She took the bait, ‘Or what?’

Or the guys don’t like you…’

Excuse me?!’

I ignored her… ‘And I’m thinking, “Maybe this cute looking girl should be in bed. But under the surface, I bet there could be a raver-chick underneath. These guys are drunk and stupid. I’ll give her a shot. [This I said with heavy teasing.] Or, wait, am I just being drunk and stupid in thinking this?“‘ I laughed here. I don’t wait for laughs. It was funny to me.

I continued, ‘I’m just kidding. You’re in Thailand for fun and not some spiritual journey of enlightenment, I hope?

Haha. Yeah. I’m here for fun.

Cool, you can join my fun while your friends get hit on. I’m Jake.

I’m Lorna…’

Pleasure to meet you…’

* * * * *

I wasn’t nice. Building attraction is about breaking rapport. Don’t hang around. Do it immediately.

There are many ways to break rapport. Turning your back. Going back to your friends. Rolling your eyes. Screwing up your face.

Those are all non-verbal.

Verbal ways are through teasing or giving negative validation.

Negative validation is a technique that’s used alongside positive validation. Together they are used to show you have high standards. To make her meet your standards. To make you the prize.

What did I do that worked so well?

I set the frame. My frame. Most guys try to sell themselves. I didn’t.

I teased her. I told her maybe she was unattractive to men. Maybe men didn’t like her. Her reality was very different. Men approached her and tried to sleep with her. To sell themselves to her.

I used negatives and positives. I didn’t flat out compliment her. I didn’t flat out insult her. Either of those would be suicide. (Unless, unlike me, you’re very good looking…)

I teased her. Showed her that she had to meet my standards. And only then – in this case her saying she was fun – did I introduce myself.

I break down everything to my members. So you always know how to talk. What to say. How to quickly build attraction…

* * * * *

The next day Lorna and I awoke. We were going on an adventure. A scooter ride around the island. A bite to eat. Talking. Getting to know each other.

Then we returned to my room for more sex. Just like the night before.

All of this was built on the foundations of those opening few moments. Breaking rapport got me something that all the other guys failed at getting.

Breaking rapport got me the girl…

… As always…

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Lorna was one of many. A beautiful girl who couldn’t resist the chase.

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