‘Impress me.’ – Ummm?!?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard this a few times from women.

‘Ok, impress me,’ they smile.

What the fuck!?!? What do I say?WhatdoIdo?OhGod… Quick, THINK!

Some people impress with a joke. Some with magic…

What would YOU do, when a beautiful woman utters those words?

  • Tell a story?
  • Read her palm?
  • Hand-writing analysis?

Actually think about your answer…



If you thought of something to do then you’re probably wrong! Some women may dig it, sure. But I wouldn’t do anything.

A woman actually saying, ‘Impress me,’ is setting up a frame where you’re her entertainment. She is the queen. You’re the jester. You’re there to, literally, try to impress her…

This means that you’re saying :

  • a, she’s better than you
  • b, you’re happy to be her entertainment, and
  • c, you don’t value yourself enough to be your own man

It becomes less an INTERaction (where you share parts of yourselves) and more a performance.

The reality is that you probably want to get with her. To either sleep with her or to start a relationship.

Setting the tone you’re below her is suicide. You’re not. If anything you want to be a little above her. Her wanting you more…

You gotta become the prize. This shift in perception will make you seem a lot more valuable. More desirable. More sexy…

The elephant in the room you can’t ignore is this: You believe she is better than you.

‘She’s so hot.’ ‘She’s so sexy.’ ‘She has ALL the guys after her.’

In essence, ‘Why would she pick me over the other guys?’

You dunno how to overcome this. So what do you do?

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Now, back to what do I do…

How would I respond to her saying, ‘Impress me’?

Option 1:

I’d laugh. ‘Bless you. You wanna treat me like a dancing monkey? That’s cute!’

This flips it. Like she’s a child. Then…

‘I think it’s great when you get to our age and you can appreciate a person for who they are – their vibe – not how they try to impress. I could tell you a ton of stuff. How successful I am, how good I am in bed. I could tell you what your starsign says about you.’

That’s what other guys do. You’re making yourself different. Then…

‘But we’re here to find out if we click. I’ll know naturally if I’m impressed or not. Let’s just talk. Gimmicks are for snake oil salesmen. Now do a dance on that table for me… ;)

It shows your maturity. That it’s really about you and her – on a deep level. Then there’s a joke to lighten the mood – about a task for her to impress you.

Option 2:

Take it and run with it… She said to impress her. Do it well. Really well!

Act nervous. Really, obviously nervous. Choke a little. Say, ‘I didn’t prepare for this part of the interview… Oh God…’ Sip your drink.

Then get really casual and confident and say, ‘Ok, I’ll tell you half a story…’

Then go into anything. Make it EPIC. Make it fantastical… I’ll try one now.

‘Near my childhood home there’s this house. It’s grand and opulent. Fit for a king. Gothic in design. Yet this house is a shell of its former glory. Desolate and deserted. You see, a man once lived there. One of the wealthiest in the land. He was a playboy in his day, cavorting with the rich, the famous, even royalty itself.

‘After such public exposure he retreated, unexpectedly. He became a recluse, like a wanted Mafioso, a J.D. Salinger or a Howard Hughes… It was a mystery. Why did he disappear? Some saw him tending to his garden under moonlight at 3am. Others heard the faintest whisper of his cries carry down his road.

‘And then they stopped altogether. No cries. No topiary in the night. Nothing…

‘The rumor mill began spinning at supersonic speed. Some said he was abducted by a secret government agency. Others that he found the pipe of the Pied Piper and disappeared with unicorns, sphinxes and virgin hedgehogs following to his melody. I have a different theory. But I can’t tell you…’

‘What?! Why???’

‘I said I can only tell you half the story…’

‘What? Tell me the rest. Why can’t you say?’

‘Because, if I tell you, you’ll fall in love with me so hard it’ll knock you out… So now it’s your turn to impress me…’

With that story you’ll be so far above what she can do that she will be impressed. But you didn’t perform for her really. It was your joke. For your personal amusement. She doesn’t get to hear the end. Why? Because if she did, she’ll fall in love with you.

Then, immediately, you say it’s her turn. She’s on the spot…

So sit back and enjoy.

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