How to Get Her Phone Number – Katie in Starbucks

Katie was a chance encounter. Different because she came to me…

Starbucks was full. No free tables. A few spare seats littered around. One was at my table.

A beautiful young girl approached. The kind who could walk a runway. Her beauty was understated. Hidden behind a hoody. Hair up high in a bun. Underneath the grungy look was a breathtaking beauty.

At these moments, you have to speak.

May I sit here?‘ Her eyes looked at mine. Incredible green. Only later would I see the brown and blue hints that enhanced them further.

Go for it…’ I gestured. She clunked a big mug on the polished wood table. Cream from a can spilled over the rim. Perfect for a situational opener:

But what the fuck is that that you’re drinking?!

She sat. We started talking…

* * * * *

I’m always asked, ‘How do I ask for her number?

Remember that: ‘How do I ask for her number?‘ The question is wrong to me…

I tell you the story of meeting Katie to show you the best way.

I used to fear that moment myself. Conversation had flowed. You broke rapport. Built attraction.

You’re into her. She’s into you…

And now you gotta number close. You need her digits. Now, I love that moment.

For Katie I used my favorite method. The parts of the conversation I’ve skipped here are magical. They show dominance, leadership, sexual escalation (yes, even in Starbucks) – but those details are for a different time. Today, we’re only interested in her number. Getting it…

* * * * *

Katie took a final slurp from her mug. Mine was almost empty too. She had to be somewhere. Already, she’d spent too long talking to me.

When a girl wants to keep in touch she lingers. She looks at you for too long. Waits for you to act. Men should make the move. Always.

Her phone was on the table. I grabbed it. ‘I’ve enjoyed our chat, Katie. You’re warm and fun. I find that very sexy about you…’

I plugged my number into her phone. Put my phone on the table. My phone rang. I’d called my phone from hers.

‘Now I have your number, Katie. I’ll be in touch.’ We stood. Said our goodbyes and Katie skipped out of Starbucks, not knowing that her life was about to get a whole lot more fun…


If she doesn’t want to give you her phone (they almost always do, though) just ignore it, pull out your phone and say, ‘Put your number in here.’

Notice that I don’t ask. The question – How do I ask for her number? – doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t ask for her number. I get her number. I show leadership. Attractive male qualities. I take what I want.

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  1. Roger
    5 years ago

    You are the KING … keep rollin bro – thousands of women to sleep with

  2. immancechep
    4 years ago

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  3. Jose
    4 years ago

    Great story and you gave me a reason to go back to Starbucks again!

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