Hey buddy,

I’m Jake Ayres. I wanna tell you ’bout me…

…So you ‘get‘ how I can help you…

When I was 12, I went to a school disco. Girls were there. I was nervous. I called my mother. Asked her, ‘What should I do? What should I say?’

She gave me advice. Turns out, the advice was bad! ‘Ask questions. Buy her a drink.’

So I did. And I failed.

I grew up not knowing what to say. My parents were divorced. I never had a role-model to help with this. Ever. I was lost.

When I was 14 I had managed to get a girlfriend. She was beautiful. I got her because I worked on my sense of humor. I worked real hard at it. I became quite funny. But I became whipped. When she dumped me I was heart-broken. All we’d done was kiss. But for weeks I felt terrible.

Then I made a choice. I didn’t wanna go through that again. So I slowly began working on myself. Improving myself. Making myself better.

I don’t have looks on my side. But, I don’t quit. I spent $100 on a book. (Even today that’s expensive, at 14 it was CRAZY money!) It was about relationships. Taught me a thing or two. But, I’ll tell you now the main thing it taught me…

Don’t bend over for women. Be a man.

In a phrase, ‘Be a challenge.

I realized that everything my mother says is wrong. Society is wrong. The media sells a lie. Good advice is hard to find.

There was no community to help men with women back then. At least, I didn’t know it.

That book taught me how to be. More alpha. More manly. But I was still stuck on what to say.

What to say is the hard part. Knowing how to fill silence. How to move a conversation. How to lead. It’s tough when you don’t know how.

Most guys ask questions. Forget it. Questions ain’t good. Only in the last few years have I got real good at conversation. Why? Because I discovered exactly how to speak. What to say.

I use 10 different ways to continue a conversation. Only ONE is a question. For many men, that’s 9 new techniques of talking. Crazy.

I learned what to say from a DVD course. It took a weight off my shoulders. Then I paid $17,500 in personal coaching. With the best in the world. I took a conversation seminar for 2 days. I went on a 7-day bootcamp. I went on weekend camps. I paid for 1-on-1 tuition. And I went out and I talked to girls. All sorts of girls. Cute, sexy, beautiful girls.

I realized that what I learned was working. I forced myself to get good. I became excellent. I have choice with women. I choose who I date. Who I sleep with. It’s a beautiful thing.

But, from aged 14 to aged 24, I wasn’t too good. That was a decade where I was trying stuff slowly. I wasted time. I never had a role-model, as I said. I realized that other guys, whatever their age, may need a role-model. And I’ve been through it all.

I know what works. I know how to help. I like to help.

So I created this site. To help men who want it.

With my ‘Email MasterClass’ you can learn, step-by-step, how to get good with women. If you want to improve then I will show you what to do and how to do it.

These days I spend a lot of time talking to guys on Skype, or email, and getting them to the level they want to be at.

It takes time. But I speed up the learning curve. I’ve been through it. I give bite-sized chunks of info so you can get better without information-overload.

The rest of my time is spent doing work and spending time in the company of beautiful women. It’s quite a change. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.


If you wanna learn, sign up to my Master Attraction Email Masterclass. I take LOTS of care in making it the best I can. You’ll see…

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  1. Curran
    5 years ago

    thank you so much, i’ve never been a good conversationalist. And I’m hoping you can help me.

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